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About Us

Haystack in a Needle is a web marketing firm made up of entrepreneurs with experience building and marketing profitable websites throughout a large number of industries.

Our biggest challenge: Misinformation about web marketing including statements such as "Submit site to 1000 search engines for $99!" or similar. This doesn't make sense because there are very few search engines (basically Google, Inktomi, and Yahoo's search engines cover 90%+ of all searches online). The point is to achieve high rankings on important search terms through those important search engines since they power Google (which powers AOL, IWON, Earthlink, CompuServe, and more), Altavista (which gets some traffic), and Inktomi, (which provides results to MSN.com).

Strength #1: Keyword research to determine what search phrases are most commonly used by a company's target audience, then optimizing the site for those terms. This brings sites much higher in search results and delivers cost effective targeted traffic to sites.

Strength #2: We focus on ROI (Return on Investment) when considering web marketing strategies appropriate for clients. Website traffic by itself is worthless if none of that traffic turns into paying customers.

Strength #3: We provide before/after ranking results for your targeted search terms on major search engines to prove the increase in search engine rankings.

Strength #4: We speak in business terms, not geeky technical terms when discussing web marketing opportunities.

Strength #5: We are a well known and well respected national web marketing firm. We contribute to our industry newsletters and are published on well respected websites and ezines such as Traffick.com, I-Search, and PromoteNewz. Article examples:

Strength #6: We work with small and growing businesses looking for ways to cost effectively level the playing field against their larger competitors on the Internet.

Strength #7: We consult with our clients on website usability issues to improve website functionality to increase close rates and inquiry rates of your site's visitors. For example, one travel site we work with made some fairly minor changes to their navigation systems, which cut the number of visitors needed to generate a lead in half. This case study is going to be published in a soon to be released book on web design for improved ROI.

Strength #8: Since the web changes constantly, we proactively research and recommend new web marketing concepts for your business as they arise.

To find out more, or get started today, click here to fill out a quote request. We can be reached by email at kohler@haystackinaneedle.com, or by phone at 651-592-4063.

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