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FAQ: What's so special about HaystackTrak Stats Software?

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What can I learn from HaystackTrak Statistics Software?

What's so special about HaystackTrak Stats Software?

Haystack In A Needle's web site statistics software, HaystackTrak, is an easy to set up and easy to use program to help you analyze how much traffic your site is receiving, where those visitors go, and which ones convert to paying customers.

To use the program, you simply insert a couple lines of code into the footer of each page of your site, then login to Haystack Track from the homepage of this site to check your site's stats.

HaystackTrak provides real time web site traffic reporting, so you can literally hit refresh all day long to watch visitors navigate your web site. It also keeps track of this information on a historical basis, so you can use your time in better ways than hitting the refresh button.

Do you offer web site analytics consulting? If so, what do you do?

Of course, the stats provided by the software are worthless if nobody is looking at them, or the person looking at them isn't familiar enough with website analytics to make any strategic decisions based on what they see. That's where we can help.

Since we review web marketing stats every day, we can quickly pick out important data and turn it into actionable information. Areas where we often find opportunities for sites include new cost pay per click term opportunities, site design adjustment suggestions to deal with site abandonment issues, and copy changes to improve rankings for targeted search terms.

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