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Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Pay Per Click advertising is a cost effective way to drive highly targeted search traffic to your website . . . if done right. It can also be a financial drain with little results. Haystack In a Needle offers the following Pay Per Click advertising services to help add value to your web marketing plans"

  • Keywords and search term research to uncover a large list of targeted search terms for your business and website.
  • Account setup and search term submission to all major Pay Per Click search engines including Overture, Google Adwords Select, and FindWhat.
  • Account management on each Pay Per Click program to maximize your Return on Investment using a cost effective bidding strategy based on your budget and traffic needs.
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting based on your needs.
  • Pay Per Click consulting based on your campaign results.

Okay, how much?

Good question. Pay per click campaigns involve two phases - setup and management.

Campaign setup involves extensive keyword and search phrase research, search term creation, targeted Title and Description design, page targeting (designating what pages we'll send visitors to within your site), and submission to pay per click programs. We charge $100/hour for this and generally spend 4-10 hours setting up a campaign. This can go lower or much higher depending on the site's market and number of applicable search terms.

Campaign management involves monitoring your campaigns to maximize your click throughs within your pre determined budget. (Examples of budgets include: 1. All the traffic you can bring me for under $0.20 per click, 2. All the traffic you can bring me for $3000/month.) We will adjust your bids as needed to increase your exposure for targeted terms, submit new terms that become available or are discovered, and remove terms that do not provide high quality traffic. We charge a nominal 10% monthly management fee for this service.

Campaign Audits start at $500 and significantly improve the performance of any ad campaign. We audit Overture (call or email for quote) and Google Adwords campaigns.

To find out more about Pay Per Click marketing, view our FAQ or submit a free quote request.


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