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Web Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

Are you the entrepreneurial type and only need a little help to supplement your own web marketing expertise? Haystack In A Needle is building a tool kit just for you! Our first tool just for you is a Google Adwords Select Negative Keywords list. Check back soon for more tools to help you manage your web marketing efforts in a cost effective and efficient manner.



Negative Search Term List for use on Google Adwords Select - Only $19.74
Have you setup a Google Adwords Select account and wondered how to maximize your click throughs without paying for junk traffic? Our experience shows that the best results can be achieved by bidding on "wild card" search terms with an appropriate set of negative keywords to filter the traffic that's not going to buy anything. To do this, put "quotes" around each of your search phrases before loading them into the system, and include Haystack In A Needle's Negative Search Term List of 222 negative search terms to filter out the casual browser and narrow in on the buyers.

Your marketing costs will go down and your conversion rates will go up using this cheap and simple tool. We are so sure this will help your site, we'll give you 100% of your money back if this doesn't help your Google Adwords Select campaigns.

This list is intended for companies targeting a regional market but can easily be modified for use by companies marketing to a national or international audience. Could you do this yourself? Yes, but it would take a few hours, so it's up to you to decide what your time is worth.

Attention Webmasters: Make 25% per sale with our Affiliate Program for this Product

If you'd prefer a customized negative search phrase list created specifically for your website and business, click here for a free quote.

"Thanks again for the negative keyword list, Haystack. Our cost per click has dropped by 50%. Your list paid for itself in the first week."
-Jamie Murtaugh

"We were giving up on Google's ad program until we tried Haystack In A Needle's product. This helped us target our campaigns for our specific market. Just looking at the list is very educational."
-Gary Visenor
President. Grabit Inc.

"I just copy and pasted the list into my Google campaigns and dropped my ad spend per day by $1.50. I can't believe this pays for itself in less than a month!"
-John Judge

Special Report - Unleash Amazing Profits with Google AdWords Select!

Before you spend a cent on Pay Per Click advertising with Google Adwords Select make sure you've done your research. If you don't, your "education" could be VERY expensive. Page-Zero.com's Andrew Goodman has created a special report to get you on the right track.

If you spend more than $50/month on Pay Per Click advertising a month you'll find plenty of value in this report.


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